Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life This Week

We are in full on wedding mode around here with my little sister's wedding coming up in a month.  I am honored to be her "Matron of Honor" (let's just call me the MOH since "matron" sounds way too old and out of shape). So, the official wedding events begin this weekend, and it is all about the wedding until the end of July. Lots of fun times ahead!

Official "wedding business" (self-imposed scrapbooking project for the my sister's shower) took me to Archiver's in Gurnee this Sunday.  I am always happy to take a trip to my favorite store and back to the first town I ever lived in after I got married.  So much to do there and so many fun memories!  Brayden was more than happy to be my trip buddy for the afternoon since he knows any trip to Gurnee includes a trip to "the fish store" (Bass Pro Shops), which is any kid's dream with the huge fish tanks, waterfalls, bridges, tents, and the list goes on.

Since I was heading to Archiver's already, I decided to quick throw together a few things to print at their new Memory Lab, completely unrelated to the wedding project. For this layout, I used a template from the Memory Lab website that was perfect for all of my embellished Instagram pictures. I uploaded this layout in addition to my other prints onto their website, and everything was waiting for me when I arrived.  The employees were all complimenting me on my layout when I walked through the door, which made me temporarily feel like a rock star.  They were way less impressed when I told them that it was their template I was using, but I was still super happy with the end result and will definitely print there again.

For now, I need to get back to work if I am going to get this project done by Saturday! Thanks for joining me today!

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