Thursday, July 4, 2013

Holiday at Home

I have a tendency toward nostalgia, and I am never more nostalgic than I am on holidays.  I guess I think back to all of the places I have spent each particular holiday, who I've spent it with, and what we did.  Inevitably I end up in tears thinking about all the friends I miss and the places I've moved away from, and it can be very overwhelming.  Nostalgia is often a curse.

However, today I realized the 4th is NOT one of those nostalgic holidays for me!  My husband and I could hardly come up with a 4th of July that we were not right here in my hometown doing just about exactly what we did today.  All those years we lived in other places, we came home almost every July!  Nothing feels more like a true 4th than being here.  And, although it doesn't always feel like home (since we moved back here), today it did.  It was a nice feeling!

This year we watched the fireworks from the best spot in town-our church parking lot.  Since the boys are 4 and 2, they were at the perfect ages to really enjoy the 4th this year.  Brayden remembered enough about last year to be super excited this year.  Blake didn't know what to expect, but about halfway through started yelling "Whoa!" after each firework.  Cutest thing ever!

Today we spent the day at home and had a classic Midwestern cookout including (but not limited to) corn on the cob, watermelon, and brats.  We spent the first half of the afternoon on our deck, but we spent the bulk of the afternoon sitting in random chairs that we dragged out to the driveway watching a serious bags tournament in the front yard.  It was a super fun, spontaneous, and relaxing day!  And, I am so thankful for it.

Happy 4th of July!