Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Month of Life Events

I am not good at summarizing, especially when it comes to a month like this past one, which hit some very high notes, but some very low ones, as well.  I thought I would try something that I've seen some of my favorite bloggers do perhaps with a more serious twist, as I attempt to describe what the last few weeks have been like.  Life sometimes happens all at once like it did for me this month.  Joy and happiness come at the same time as sadness and difficulty, and the everyday intermingles with all of it.  So, without further unnecessary explanation and introduction...

These last 3 weeks, I've been:

Mourning the loss of my grandmother, but rejoicing that she is with Jesus and no longer feels pain.

Hoping and praying that the best man would be out of the hospital and well enough to be at the wedding-which he was!
Beautifying myself for the wedding with pedicures, manicures, hair appointments, and various waxings.

Celebrating my sister's beautiful wedding!

Acting as her personal travel guide via text as she went on her honeymoon in West Palm.

Freaking out because I got 3 tickets in the last month. Not even for speeding!

Boating with my mom and boys on my brother's boat and watching my four-year-old "drive" the boat.

Writing and obsessing over an article that I need to finish in 2 days!

Welcoming my new nephew into the world!  Praying that he will recover quickly from pneumonia and be able to come home soon!

Drinking Starbucks iced lattes just about every day as a means of survival!  Or maybe just because I am addicted to the taste.

Rescuing an unresponsive woman on the street and realizing she didn't need CPR. She was just drunk.

Watching my favorite summer shows-Burn Notice and Royal Pains and finding a new favorite-Cedar Cove.

Thanking God for getting me through a very stressful month!